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    about Dell

    Hi my name is Dell,

    and I would like to welcome you to my world of building you’re own log cabin. The good the bad the do’s and don’t’s from the ground up. For those with or without any skills

    My Background.

    My first line of employment straight out of school was rehabbing stores where we also had a shop where we made a lot of the fixtures (mainly cabinets) that were needed for each store, that’s where my skills and knowledge started.

     I don’t know why but I felt destined for other things but I loved carpentry and learning new things.

    This all led to me being a self-employed sub contractor giving me the freedom to work wherever I wanted.

    My reputation must have been pretty good back then (1998-99) because I was asked to help on a home tract as an assistant superintendent, I worked there for about a year, and learn’t a lot more about construction. So now (feeling really good about myself) I know it all now right! WRONG.

    But fortunately for me I do have a lot of construction experience having worked in and around residential construction for over 35 years, I am a finish carpenter by trade with a little knowledge of a lot of other trades, which gave me an edge on my self build log cabin project. But don’t get me wrong, its surprising how much you forget when you don’t do something every day.


    The reason why I am here now with my own website about my log cabin project is to help all of you out there with the same burning desire for a log cabin of your own, and to get you through it all, avoiding some of the pitfalls, things to avoid and things to do to make it easier, the little details and things you might not even have thought of yet until it is too late.

    My Goals

    My goal here is to help you with all the things that you will need to build your dream home.

    Tips, hints and helpful ideas, things to remember, things to consider, things not to do, or forget, where to get stuff and how, where and when to find good deals. It is all in my ground up to move in story.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my intro here, and I hope the info on my site helps you.

    Dell Wood.

    Founder of log cabin self build




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