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    • Well and Septic Install

      Installing The Well. Another part of the project to leave to the experts. When first meeting and choosing a contractor for the Well there are some things you need to know as far as exactly what will I get for my money. (the well permit cost should be in his price). Get a bottom line…

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    • Log Home Roof Design and build

      Now that the logs are all up it’s time to bring in the roofing crew to get your home dried in. This is also a good time to check with and schedule your metal roof company. Get your plumber lined up too, once you’re dried in he can get going on the rough-in end of…

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    • Erecting Custom Home Logs/Interior Framing

      Getting the logs erected. Whether you bought a custom log home kit or bought one of those package deals from some company that just sells wholesale log cabin logs, chances are if your like me who did not have a lot of help, you will want a custom log home builder to erect them for…

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    • The Floor System.

      Remember, this is coming from a finish carpenter’s perspective and involvement with the build and thinks he has half a clue. So I am trying to include as many details as I can for those that might know some of it, but are not so sure about all of it. Now you are almost ready…

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    • Footings/Foundations.

      Finding A Good Mason. I found my mason on the side of the road, “no seriously I did”, he was building a foundation wall for someone and I had to drive past the job almost every day and noticed how nice his finish work looked, well that’s about all it took for me because I…

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    • SitePrep/Must Haves.

      Some Good Ideas. Now that you have done all the leg work and paperwork to get to this point, you can get started. But first I am going to run down a short shopping list of things you might need and will need. DO NOT FORGET THIS, Lumber and copper are a commodity, prices go…

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    • Financing and Permits.

      Log Home Project Financing. Before you get into a whole lot of checking into the finance side you will need to have your labor organized, here are a couple of ideas and options, this will concern anyone, not in a construction trade and anyone new to a location that they didn’t grow up in or…

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    • log home plan and design.

      Stop Dreaming About It.   There is nothing like planning you’re own log home, It says everything about you, and it is a real custom log home. Something no one else has. Not some generic floor plan that you just liked in a book that you just bought, and then have to go back and…

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    • Log Home Kit Prices Ideas and Helpfull Tips

       Everything you need to know is right here. I’m going to take a guess, you are here because you are seriously thinking about your own custom log home, something a lot of people only dream about. Good for you, you are one step closer to that dream. Some things to think about before you start…

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    • about Dell

      Hi my name is Dell, and I would like to welcome you to my world of building you’re own log cabin. The good the bad the do’s and don’t’s from the ground up. For those with or without any skills My Background. My first line of employment straight out of school was rehabbing stores where…

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    • Hi there Dell. You've put together a very informative article, so great work! I love how you approached the Mason directly, based on seeing his current project. I think that more people should directly approach tradesman if they admire their work (it can't hurt can it). This makes me want to start a building project in my spare time. Take care mate, Jacob

      by Jacob Gregory Footings/Foundations.

    • Thanks for the pointers. My husband and I are currently designing our off-grid cabin and I think we've already changed it at least 3 times. You've given me a lot more to think about, we will be building it on property that we already own so that takes one headache away. I'm going to keep reading to see what else I haven't thought of. Stevie

      by Stevie8569 log home plan and design.